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Posted Monday, November 16, 2015 - 11:04 by Lauren in Client News and Reviews

When one male twin identifies as a female
By Sue Halpern
Washington Post, November 13

"When Wyatt Maines was almost 3 years old, he told his father, Wayne, that he hated his penis. Distressed as Wayne was, he was not completely surprised. Almost from the moment Wyatt could talk, he would describe himself as a boy-girl or a girl-boy, attempting to capture the duality he felt as an anatomical male who, nonetheless, understood himself to be female.

Wyatt and his identical twin, Jonas, were adopted at birth by Wayne and his wife, Kelly, in 1997; their biological mother was a teenage relative of Kelly’s. At the time, the Maines were living in the small town in the Adirondack foothills where Wayne grew up. Upon learning he’d be the father of two boys, he began fantasizing about the hunting and fishing trips he’d take with his sons, the ballgames and the sports talk — all the guy things. As Amy Ellis Nutt makes clear in her exceptional chronicle, “Becoming Nicole,” Wayne Maines was certainly not the sort of man anyone, himself included, would imagine championing transgender rights. And yet, that is precisely the man he became."

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