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Today's Boston Globe discussed the familial response to Danzy Senna's new memoir WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT? and quotes Wendy on the range of responses family memoirs can envoke.

"... Certainly the genre of memoir writing induces both wounds and healing. "It runs the gamut," says literary agent Wendy Strothman, "from embracing the book to suing people. It depends on the family and what's being revealed."...  "

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Three score and 10 years ago, a concert emancipated a dream

By Saul Austerlitz
April 26, 2009; Boston Globe

"The crowd condenses. It's standing room only, flowing the length of the reflecting pool and down West Potomac Park. The floor of this church is grass. The columns of this nave are budding trees. The vault above, an Easter sky." The date is April 9, 1939, the setting is the Lincoln Memorial, and the assembled audience is gathered prayerfully to hear Marian Anderson sing. Delia Dailey, proud scion of a "Talented Tenth" family, is about to meet the love of her life, physicist and German Jewish émigré David Strom. Black and white, African and European, intersect and commingle, and the dream of a race-blind, mulatto future is, if only for a brief hour, attained.

Delia and David...

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